Thursday, September 30, 2004

Licensed to Drive

My driver's license expired this past August, but at the time it was a toss up between paying the gas bill or getting my licence needless to say, I chose to be able to take hot showers. Basically, I've been driving with my license expired for over a month now... at least until today. That's right, folks! I went and got my license renewed this morning.

Muahahahaha!!! I am now licensed to drive, so outta my way you simple pedestrians!! >:-[ *shakes angry fist*

Achem, yes. Anyhoo...

The driver's license pic turned out great. 0_0 My eyes were open, I was half-way smiling, and even my hair was in place. What the heck? It must be some kind of fluke; possibly some kind of freak cosmic occurence caused by Venus traversing some (as yet) unheard of planet and otherwise refracting light particles off some swamp gas...but then, I digress. The point is I usually--okay, okay!-- I ALWAYS come out looking like some kind of stoned-out vampire in my DL pics, which I guess isn't too terrible when you take it in context...but it's nice to know that for the next four years I won't have to try and explain a lousy pic whenever I go to flash my license. Woohoo! *dance, dance*

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