Monday, September 20, 2004

Just Thinking

Today was K's funeral. I heard about his death on Sunday from my mom. She found out about it at church, and relayed the news to the rest of the family. He wasn't really a friend or anything, but rather the son of a couple who I consider friendly "acquaintances". Not so much friends, but they are my parents only neighbors, so we always said our hi's and goodbye's in passing. Hubby and I have visited them a few times, but only when invited, and mostly out of respect for the people, rather than a genuine act of friendship. The S's are a bit odd, not easy to know or truly socialize with, and I prefer to keep my distance from that sort. Anyway, it was their son who died. He was a kind of a disturbing kid, always into trouble over something. He was 17, I think; and notably reckless. A few years ago he was expelled from school for writing up a Columbine style hit list. Then just a few months ago, he stole his sister's brand new Mustang, then took the keys to all his parents vehicles, and left in the middle of the night to pick up his friends. They went out of state partying, stranding his family at home so they couldn't come after him. Truthfully, those aren't even the frightening things he's done since living next to my parents. He used to just appear in my parents yard from time to time. Weird, Michael Meyers shit like that. Gave me the creeps.

I feel sorry for his family's loss, but I can't help feeling a bit relieved that he won't be so close to my parents any more. I used to genuinely worry he might show up in the yard when only my mom was home. She's small and a bit frail, and well, the boy wasn't exactly high on my "to be trusted" list. Combine that with the fact that my parents house is very secluded; it's pushed back in the woods, and I guess it's no wonder I've always been so nervy about it. If something happened to my mom, no one would know about it until my dad came home from work. And it wasn't exactly an impossibility. K had shot arrows at our dogs in the past--dogs couped up in a fence, so to me, there was no telling what he might have done. Whenever dad would have to go out of town to work, I'd always call over at mom's several times a day just to make sure she was safe. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, the story in the papers is that he went to his girlfriend's house and took her car--she wasn't with him, and he did not have a driver's license so the papers are calling it a car theft--then somewhere from point A to point B, he slammed the car into a tree. It was a mess. I understand the funeral was closed-casket.

Regardless of the past, I plan to light a candle for him in remembrance tonight, and murmur a prayer for him.

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