Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Gab Fest

Got a surprise phone call from Ali today! Woohoo! She was calling to wish me a late happy birthday, and to tell me lil sis finally got her a beau. :) His name is Ben, and he's a bit older than Char, 31 to her 26, but apparently they are doing well together. He's the quiet type, as I understand it, but maybe that will balance out Char's boisterous side. I hope the best for her!Anyway, Ali and I talked for about an hour, mostly about how I'm liking being 29, and about a recent camping trip she and Jason took Sandra on. While camping, Jason ran his dirt bike into the side of a hill (???) and ended up with a "bent" rib. Yes, bent. It hurts just like a broken rib, only the doctor told him there was nothing they could do for it. Boy, that sucks!

As for my day, I finally found and ordered a copy of Stobie Piel's Lord of the Dark Sun. I can't wait til it arrives! Ah, alien barbarians... can it possibly get any better than that? ^_^

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