Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bring Me Keys

Last night I cooked supper on time, put Big Z on the net, and sat and waited for hubby to come home from work. I waited, and I waited... Finally, about 8:30 pm, my dad shows up at my door. Needless to say, I was kinda shocked to see him.

When I opened the door, first thing Dad did was hand me a key. I'm like, "What's this?" And he goes about telling me that hubby was still at work, that he called and said that he had locked his keys in his truck--AGAIN--and didn't have the $30 to pay the cops to come out and get it unlocked for him. 0_0

Dad offered to take the key to him in Ruston, but he had just gotten off of work about an hour ago and was tired, so hubster had suggested he bring the key to me. So, I went and got dressed in some jeans, and took off to go bail out my dear hubby. I didn't mind it really. It was nice having some quiet time in the car by myself.

It took a bit longer to get there than expected though. The way I drive, heh, if I hadn't needed to stop for gas, I could have got there in 15 minutes. Unfortunately I did have to stop for gas before leaving town, though. And the only station open along the strip had about 10 cars lined up outside.

When I finally arrived in Ruston, traffic was light--which is good. I made it across town, and pulled into the parking lot... Hubster came walking up looking all guilty, lol. Poor guy! I gave him a kiss, and his key. He said he was hungry, so we drove across the plaza to McDonalds and we ate supper there. Typical me, I ordered the California Cob salad. Ah, food of the Gods...but I digress... :P

It was going on 10 pm when we finally made it home. The supper I'd cooked earlier was cold, and no one touched it. Not even Big Z. Oh well. I guess it's leftovers tonight!

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