Thursday, December 30, 2004

Couldn't Live Without

Here it is, my I couldn't have lived without this in 2004 list.

1.) Hubby. Otherwise I'd be completely insane by this point.

2.) The Brat. AKA: Big Z. He's a BIG, huge, major help at home. Especially now that I'm preggers. Couldn't do without him!

3.) My parents. For coming to get me that time when I had that flat in the middle of town--on a day when there weren't any stores open that sold tires!! And, that nice stranger who stopped without provocation to help my dad get the jack positioned right under my car.

4.) My buddies, and fellow members of The Never Realm guild. You ladies rock! Here's to another year of virtual venting and mischief in '05. Muahahaha!!

5.) Christine Feehan's Dark Series. A woman can never have too many tall, dark, and yummy Carpathian males to read about. *dreamy stare* More tall, dark haired men with accents please!

6.) A credit card.... which we had no choice but to use to buy groceries with for about 6 months so we didn't go hungry.

7.) eBay

8.) Low Carb ice-cream.

Looking Back...2004

Well, I will say this year didn't exactly go as planned! How things can change in so short a time! Let's see some of the family highlights of 2004...

January 2004: Hubby is working on again/off again construction, and I'm fretting about turning 29. My goal for the 2004 New Year is to lose weight.

February: I start on the Atkins diet and drop 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Hubby is so floored, he starts on Atkins too. He is now unemployed, so our finances really take a beating. We are living off of my meager savings, while waiting for him to go back to work... but the economy is so horrid, there's no where else for him to go.

March: Big Z goes in for his school exams. He is homeschooled, but has to go to the local public school to take the exams. This means he is forced into a classroom with the same kids that bullied him years before...the very reason we took him out. Regardless, Big Z scores a perfect 99.9% composite average, which is a PERFECT score. :-)

April: Still on Atkins, have lost around 20 pounds. Hubby decides to make a career change. He begins working at DG for a measly $5.35 an hour. We're making roughly $120.00 a week.

May: To stay above water, Hubby and I consolidate all of our bills, including his truck and our house. Very nerve-wracking for me. But it works out for the best. Hubbys wages combined with my savings and prt time work, keeps us from going under. Hubby also begins a streak of promotions.

June: I'm relieved school is out.

June/July: Hubby is moving up, and things are starting to look more promising for us. Also, I've lost 30 pounds on Atkins! I'm only a few pounds from goal!

August: Uh...wait, my period doesn't come this month, and I'm having weird cramps when I go to sit up in bed, or if I turn too suddenly. Misery! :-( Go to Grandma's to have my hair streaked, and am up all night with terrible cramps. Big Z turns 13 this month. 13!!! My birthday is this month too, and I turn 25! Oh, right, okay... 29, then. *grumbles*

September: Paranoia sets in. Still no period. Maybe I'm eating too many carbs and need to cut back? Big Z's school season restarts! 7th grade.... *_* He also has a girlfriend now.

October: Surprise! We have a baby on the way! *faints* I never would have expected this. Not in a million years!

November: Hubby is a manager of his own store in a location he hates. Our finances are mostly back to normal--much to our relief.

December: Because the baby is coming, hubby does an even trade, and gets rid of his truck for a family car. *sigh* We are now "sedan" owners. Oh my. Who'd a thunk it? This is the first X-mas in 2 years, that hubby is employed this time of year. Usually the construction starts slowing down, and lay-offs begin. I am GLAD he is out of it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Xmas was...

It was a good Xmas this year. Hubby was off of work, and not worried about getting laid off, which is the first in a long time. Mom and dad came over around 10 am, and opened gifts. I bought dad a leather motorcycle jacket and I thought he'd bust a gullet when he opened the gift. He went bananas!! Gift giving stopped for no less than 20 minutes while he and all the rest of us preened over his new gift. ^_^ That was the best part of the whole day!

As for me, I got lots of horror DVDs and the new Velvet Revolver cd.

17th Week

I'm now in my 17th week of pregnancy. *_* It's going by so fast!! Next Saturday I'll be heading into my 5th month. I'm starting to show now, and will soon--very soon--be needing maternity jeans. My regular GAP jeans are starting to leave lines on mah belly...

Anyway, I went to Walmart and tried on several prs of maternity jeans today and found the 8/10s to be a comfy fit. I wanted to put a few pairs on layaway, but the freaking people working in layaway left me standing there for 10 minutes while they ran in and out, ignorning my presence. I finally went to a friend in the electronics dept to have them call someone to layaway, and she kindly told me layaway would be closed until after January. Well, there was no fucking sign in the layaway dept, and you would think that with all the workers going in and out of layaway, one of them would spare me the 10 seconds it would take to say "We're closed until January". But oh no, that would simply be too polite. It's much nicer for them to just leave me standing there ringing the damn bell for 10 minutes. Assholes. I doubt it will do a lick of good, but I wrote a long complaint letter to Walmart's main office. Forget Walmart. Next stop, Target...

Friday, December 03, 2004


The latest war is going on, and I'm only up to 71 points. That bites. Everytime my Neopets step into the battledome they end up getting Hoochie Coochies. Then it takes the healing springs cow forever to heal them again. Gah! Creator GodAdam, this is the worst war ever. You suck! I want all my codestones back that I put into training for this war. *raspberries*

Computer Blues

Hubby crashed the computer again a few days ago. He woke me up at around 4 am to tell me before he had to leave for work. He was really freaked out about it. I was too tired to care, and told him not to worry about it. The computer is practically on it's last leg anyway. Anyway, I checked it out later that morning and discovered he had contracted some kind of virus, so I said to heck with it.

Instead of just repairing, I just reformatted the whole stinking hard drive. It wiped out EVERYTHING. Pictures, text docs, viruses, everything. Yay! It took me a while to get everything reinstalled and the comp back up, but now the annoying error messages are gone. The worst trouble I had was reinstalling the modem. I had to put it in and remove it 8 times. No kidding. I will never, never, never-ever buy another US Robotics product again. The included software was a hassel, and was a chore to use--it installed a control center first, which is difficult to navigate, and doesn't even install the stupid modem. You then have to go to RUN: and manually install the modem. What's the point in the control center then? A rotting piece of useless, space eating software. Gee, thanks US Robotics! Next time I'll pay 5 times as much and go for a REAL modem.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Latest Dr. Visit

Went to the doctor on the 11th, and went through all those torturous tests they put pregnant women through: weight check, a complete exam, and bloodwork. They took 4 vials of blood. *_* I must remember next time NOT to wear my Doc Marten hiking boots. The nurse weighed me in my boots, and they gave me a 9 pound weight gain.

The high point was getting to hear the baby's heartbeat. Although, at this point, 11 weeks, it doesn't sound much like a heartbeat. It sounds like little radioactive clicks. I think I read somewhere the heart is currently the size of a poppy seed?

Back Online

The comp is up and running. Woot! The cd-rom died and it took us a week to find a replacement. *_* Sheesh, is it time for an upgrade, or what? Still the comp isn't working right, so dear hubby and I are looking into new PCs. I just want to buy the tower, to heck with an overpriced package monitor. They bite anyway.

While exiled from cyberspace, everyone in the guild was wondering what happened, if I'd dropped off the planet or died in a firey car crash or something. I left messages so they'd know I'm still breathing and the baby is a-okay. Wow, Batty had even mentioned something about trying to call me. From Australia. Now that's some long distance call! 0_0

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Catching Up

Time to do a bit of catching up on my blog. Lots of new stuff has happened, but it's been all at once, thus making it a bit hard to find computer time.

Let's see, where to start... Ok. Big Z got sick about a week/two weeks ago. He was just feeling a little rough at first, but then he started running fever. Hubby and I did the usual thing, poked tylenol in him, fed him plenty of water and orange juice, and tried to get him to eat a bit when he was awake. The fever would break after the tylenol, but then it would come back after a few hours. This went on for about a week. Last Friday, when hubby was leaving for work, he said that if Big Z wasn't doing any better by noon, to take him on to the doctor, and I agreed. Well, when Big Z wasn't awake by 10 am, I went to check on him...and no kidding, his face was grayish-blue. Scared the ever loving be-jeezers out of me. I woke him up, put him in the tub, and while running the bathwater, put in a call to his doctor. I managed to get him in at 1:00, and we drove to Ruston after picking up hubby's paycheck. Turns out Big Z had a combo of illnesses: upper respitory infection, bronchitis, the start of an ear infection, and the beginnings of larangitis. *_* The doctor put him on some high powered antibiotics, to clear it up.

Then over the weekend, there was that lunar eclipse. Big Z was feeling a bit better, so he and I stepped out on the patio and watched it together. Who knows what happened to our lawn chairs. We ended up *standing* the whole time we were out there. Too, I got eaten alive by mosquitos. I guess they like pregnant people, or something, cuz Big Z didn't get bit once! The neighbor's three dogs ended up coming over to sit with us during the eclipse. And hubby made it home from work just as the eclipse went total. How cool is that? :-)

Oh, but that's not all! On Monday, Big Z was feeling a whole lot better, much to my relief. And hubby left for his management training in Jackson, MS. He has been there for 4 days now, and is a bit homesick. He calls me at least 2xs daily, just to check on me and hear my voice. I miss him lots. One night he called me at midnight, and was a bit depressed. He couldn't sleep, so we stayed up and chatted until he got tired and was ready to bed down again. We haven't done that sort of thing since highschool. It was kinda neat. :-) He still has a week to go before he comes home. He should be back next Friday.

Through all this and I got a certified letter yesterday. I'm being subpoenaed for jury duty. :P Funny, mom and I were just talking about getting stuck with jury duty the other day. This will be my first time, and it should be interesting. I am a living, breathing, walking case of perpetual morning sickness and that subpoenae is for 9:30 AM. I sure hope they don't object to crackers and/or ginger ale in the court room, cuz otherwise I'm gonna be hacking all over the place!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Happy Anniversary!

Today is hubby's and my 14th wedding anniversary. Yes, we have truly lasted that long. *raspberries to all those whom doubted* We couldn't manage to go to New Orleans this year like we usually like to do. To be honest, I don't think I could have stood the drive since lately riding in the car makes me sick.

Hubby had to work today, and will have to leave for Jackson, MS on Nov. 2nd for his management training, so we are planning to have an anniversary dinner on Friday or Saturday, before he leaves. Dinner, movie, and shopping! I look forward to it. I only hope my energy can hold out on me. I don't remember pregnancy being this draining the first go around... maybe it's my age catching up with me. *_*

Saturday, October 23, 2004

First Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor on Thurday to get my pregnancy confirmed. What a morning! I wasn't feeling great to begin with, morning sickness, plus I had a caffeine headache--I quit drinking coffee and upped my carbs as soon as the home tests came up positive. It was raining just enough to mist up the windshield, and cause the windshield wipers to make that annoying squeaking noise all the way to Ruston. 0_0 Then, I got near the hospital and couldn't find the stinking medical plaza. I ended up having to turn around and make a second pass. I finally found it, but then didn't know where the suites were--mostly because the one I was looking for was upstairs. I did make it there in time, then waited...

The nurse went over my cycles with me, took another pregnancy test--which came up positive, of course. Then we sat down determined the baby's due date to be June 3rd, 2005. I met the doctor after that. He was nice enough, but I was so nervous and feeling sick at the time, he probably thought I was a complete weirdo. LOL! He gave me these prenatal vitamins...but man, they make me feel sick when I take 'em. I imagine I'll have to have that prescription changed.

Anyway, I scheduled another appointment for three weeks. Now to start thinking of baby names...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Travelin' Done - And A Little Visitor

I'm back from Texas, and never so glad to be home! Pam was doing fine, up moving around and looking for things to get into when we arrived. :-) The night before mom and I left for the trip, I could not sleep and ended up staying awake until midnight. I got up the following morning at 5:30 am, and mom and I left out at 7 am. I did all the driving, three hours one way, then got to Gram's and turned out that neither Gram's nor Aunt Pam was able to drive. Sooo... I had to chauffer everyone around while I was there: grocery shopping, to church, etc. Nevermind I was physically dragging! Honestly, it wouldn't have been so bad, but I was feeling a bit ill ... nauseated, and such. Well, I found out today what's up with the nausea. I'm pregnant.

I bought the test last week, but was too chicken to take it. Fearing the worst, I held off until I was "sure" Aunt Flo was about to drop by, then finally this afternoon around 3:00pm I decided to take the damn test. It was positive. I must have stared at the blasted thing for 30 minutes. I read the box a bazillion times. I even called Big Z out of the back room to help me re-read the fiddling directions. How hard can it be? You pee in a cup and drop four drops of urine into the little well on the test.:-P It didn't matter. I didn't trust the results. I think I must be a closet masochist. I needed to torture myself just one more time before panic began to firmly set it. I drove to town, bought an identical pregnancy test, drank a full bottle of diet Pepsi on the way home so I'd have to pee by the time I reached the house. To make a long story short, I came home and took the test. Three minutes later...another positive result. Well, now...

Hubby got home late today, and I must say, as tired as he was, he took it VERY well. He stepped in the door. I hugged him and asked about his day. He came straight in the house, moved to take off his shoes, and was in the middle of telling me about his day when his gaze zeroed in on the two positive pregnancy tests. The look on his face was priceless. He pointed and said, "That does say negative, right?" I looked him square in the eye. "No, honey. I'm pregnant."

He took it well. He stared at me a moment. Stood straight and said, "Well, I guess there's no sense in telling you about my day, since nothing I can say can competes with that." He then came and hugged me. Which was a major relief, since I truly expected a Homer Simpson moment, complete with hair tugging and a loud "D'oh!" Instead, his outlook on the situation was this: "We'll manage as things come along."

If nothing else, I can sleep easier tonight knowing he's not going to completely freak out.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Going Travelin'

It's almost 6 AM. I had to get up early this morning because I'm going to drive mom to Texas, to visit Aunt Pam. She recently had major neck surgery to replace two crushed vertebrae. 0_0 I really don't feel too much like going, but my mom has absolutely NO street smarts. Someone has to go with her. We're going to spend the night then return, not a long stay, but I am not feeling my best. Top it off that my cycle is still late!!! I've been feeling like I might be coming down with something. I'm going to take a book with me, and a few notebooks. Maybe that will help me pass the time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Home Alone

Big Z went with his grandparents this morning, and hubster had to work, so I get the house all to myself! *dance, dance* I need some quiet time after all the bs that went on yesterday. Big Z has fully come into his teen years, that's for sure. When he's not being a couch growth, he's making smart little comments, and although I can understand he's growing up and there's gonna be some rebellion--hell, I was the worst!!--but this is just plain annoying. But that's part of it. No one said parenting would be fun! :P

Finally got that stupid pack rat avatar on Neopets. Now I can sell all that junk I've been collecting and make some of my points back. 0_o It's going to be a big pain to search out all the prices though. Gonna put Baodan through training too. This should prove interesting. Maybe now he'll be able to beat DoN battle # 4. Woot!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Creation of Adam

I got this one from Pat Lewin, who in turn got it from her sister. I had to post it. I about fell off my chair laughing when I read it! :D

After three weeks in the Garden of Eden, God came to visit Eve.

"So, how is everything going?" inquired God.

"It is all so beautiful, God," she replied, "the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, the smells, the sights, everything is wonderful, but I have just one problem. It is these breasts you have given me. The middle one pushes the other two out and I am constantly knocking them with my arms, catching them on branches and snagging them on bushes. They are a real pain," reported Eve.
And Eve went on to tell God that since many other parts of her body came in pairs, such as her limbs, eyes, ears, etc., she felt that having only two breasts might leave her body more "symmetrically balanced," as she put it.

That is a fair point," replied God, "but it was my first shot at this, you know. I gave the animals six breasts, so I figured that you needed only half of those, but I see that you are right. I will fix it up right away."

And God reached down, removed the middle breast and tossed it into the bushes.

Three weeks passed and God once again visited Eve in the Garden of Eden.

"Well, Eve, how is my favorite creation?"

"Just fantastic," she replied, "but for one oversight on your part. You see, all the animals are paired off. The ewe has a ram and the cow has her bull; all the animals have a mate except me. I feel so alone."

God thought for a moment and said, "You know, Eve, you are right. How could I have overlooked this? You do need a mate and I will immediately create a man from a part of you. Now let's see ~ where did I put that useless boob?"

Now, doesn't THAT make more sense than that hogwash about the rib?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm late, I'm late...

In the words of that famous white rabbit: I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Well, folks, I am the one who is late this month. 0_0 I have not said a word to my husband at this point, in fear of witnessing a Homer Simpson moment. (You know, that episode that shows how Homer lost his hair... he yanked it out everytime Marge told him she was pregnant with one of the kids until all he had left was 3 strands?) Anyway, the situation here is certainly ripe for such a thing to happen. With no money to go out and do anything... well, what's left to do? *_*

I've made up my mind, I am not going to say anything to hubby until I am 110% positive that we have made a boo-boo. And right now, I'm mainly trying to just stay focused and not panic. It's only a week late, at this point, so maybe; hopefully; more than likely, it's stress that's making Aunt Flow slow to arrive this month. So much has happened lately, what with his job and all...

The only thing that's really making me twitchy is that I have been like clockwork for the past seven months. I mean, right on the money. *pondering*

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Note To Self

Okay, I'm currently driving myself bonkers trying to remember the title and author of this specific horror short-story, and to find out what anthology it appeared in. I had originally thought the story was in Under The Fang or perhaps Cabal by Clive Barker, but after checking both books, I've found its not in either one of them. *_*

Anyway, the story starts off with a married woman taking a vacation through Brazil without her family; and she is traveling by flatboat (or, otherwise, some type low-rent yacht) down the Amazon River with a man she had picked up upon arriving in Brazil. She and this man spend the day on the flatboat making love, as she is to return home to the US the following day. After an afternoon spent in bed, at dusk, the woman and her lover step out onto the deck of the boat, and she jumps because she thinks she sees reflective eyes in the jungle foliage. The woman's lover tells her a tale of shapeshifters living in the jungle; shapeshifters who at times come out and mate with mortals. She writes the story off as an interesting fable, then they go back down below deck.

When the woman goes back to the United States, she picks up her life where she left it off...husband, hauling 3 kids to soccer practice, etc. etc. Then one day not long after arriving home, she sees there is a small bite-like mark on the side of her neck. Thinking it's a pimple, she leaves it be...but then over the next few weeks, it developes into a lump. Worried that it might be cancer, the woman eventually carts herself off to see a doctor. The doctor examines the woman's neck, checks the lump, runs a few lab tests, and comes back to tells her the lump is nothing more than a cyst and to leave it alone as long as it isn't bothering her. So, she leaves it. Then a few months down the road, the woman is out in the backyard playing baseball with her husband and kids. One of the kids throws the ball and it happens to hit her in the neck... when this happens, the "cyst" bursts open...and all these baby spiders come scurrying out of her neck. 0_0 *faints*

Anyway, the story ends with the woman collapsing to theground screaming herself into madness, and the last thought she has before passing out is of her Brazillian lover telling her the story of how the shapeshifters sometimes come out of the jungle to mate with mortals.

For the life of me, I can't remember who wrote that story, but I desperately want to read it again!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Lotsa Goodies

Oh what a shiny happy day! ^_^

At noon, hubby and I drove up to Hodge to pick up his paycheck. While we're waiting for Angie to show up, my dad comes in the store. He was like, "Wow, Cora! You're looking really fit; you look good!"

I've lost thirty pounds since February, and I tell ya... when you've worked hard and someone notices, it makes you feel like a princess, lol! 0:-) Thanks, daddy! (By the way...He was in the store buying papertowels, Windex, and rubbing alcohol in preparation of an art project. Some man hired him to paint a locomotive on his travel coach.)

Oh, but that's not all the goodies today!! As if getting complimented once wasn't enough... hubby and I trekked to Wally-World for some Coffeemate (French Vanilla Sugar Free rocks my socks), and one of our neighbors--understand we do not socialize with our neighbors due to old grudges--looked up and said (politely), "Wow, you've lost weight." I (politely) said thanks and inside was tippy tapping with glee--not at her expense or anything... just that two people had noticed in one day. She then noticed hubby has lost weight also, so she asked what diet we've been using. Of course, we told her it was Atkins. She seemed interested, and mentioned she might have to try it out.

Okay, so I got some compliments...big deal, I hear ya. Blah, blah... Fine. When we got home, I found I had received a package from Ali. 0:-) She sent Big Z $10.00 and she sent me this gorgeous olive oil decanter. It's done up like a flower shop on the outside. Very, very pretty. I have to write her tonight and tell her a big thanks! The card she sent along was cute too. It says, Happy Birthday, Sister! Then, on the inside she wrote... Only 1 year left, ahhh... Ha! Ha! *_* Yep, she's right. Next year I'm gonna slam head first into 30. *checks mirror for crowsfeet*

Mad Dogs!

Yesterday Kinz and Chancellor got into a huge brawl in the backyard. Kinz is a pitbull, and Chancey is a chow-bordercollie mix, so as you can imagine that's a whole lotta dog snapping and rolling around out there. Where I was when all this was going on, I have no idea, cuz I didn't hear a freaking thing. But hubster heard it, and had to get the waterhose after them to break up the fight. When I say hubby has to use the waterhose to break them up, I mean he has to basically squirt them both in the face until they gasp for breath and let go of one another. *_* Oh the joys of dog ownership!

Anyway, both dogs are seniors--Kinz is 9, I think, and if that's right, then Chance is 11, so now they are both so sore they can barely walk. Kinz took the worst of it. He's all bit up on his legs, but heh, if he'd stop being so assy... Chance got grazed under one eye, he's probably gonna have a little scar, but he's no worse for wear. His fur is so thick Kinz's teeth can't penetrate. But omg, he was so drooled up...arg, gross!! We dragged him in the house and plopped his old stodgy haunches in the tub first thing. No way he was walking around my house like that, LOL!! 0_0 Poor thing. A brawl and a bath all in one day! In the meantime, the girlpups just kept their distance. Bitty is so old (14) I doubt she ever realized it was going on. She's a bit spaced-out these days, bless her heart. Hubby said Daisy was barking like crazy at the first, but when it started getting serious, she went and hid under the tree in the back yard til the coast was clear. If only they could all be as quiet as Bitty...

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Licensed to Drive

My driver's license expired this past August, but at the time it was a toss up between paying the gas bill or getting my licence needless to say, I chose to be able to take hot showers. Basically, I've been driving with my license expired for over a month now... at least until today. That's right, folks! I went and got my license renewed this morning.

Muahahahaha!!! I am now licensed to drive, so outta my way you simple pedestrians!! >:-[ *shakes angry fist*

Achem, yes. Anyhoo...

The driver's license pic turned out great. 0_0 My eyes were open, I was half-way smiling, and even my hair was in place. What the heck? It must be some kind of fluke; possibly some kind of freak cosmic occurence caused by Venus traversing some (as yet) unheard of planet and otherwise refracting light particles off some swamp gas...but then, I digress. The point is I usually--okay, okay!-- I ALWAYS come out looking like some kind of stoned-out vampire in my DL pics, which I guess isn't too terrible when you take it in context...but it's nice to know that for the next four years I won't have to try and explain a lousy pic whenever I go to flash my license. Woohoo! *dance, dance*

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bring Me Keys

Last night I cooked supper on time, put Big Z on the net, and sat and waited for hubby to come home from work. I waited, and I waited... Finally, about 8:30 pm, my dad shows up at my door. Needless to say, I was kinda shocked to see him.

When I opened the door, first thing Dad did was hand me a key. I'm like, "What's this?" And he goes about telling me that hubby was still at work, that he called and said that he had locked his keys in his truck--AGAIN--and didn't have the $30 to pay the cops to come out and get it unlocked for him. 0_0

Dad offered to take the key to him in Ruston, but he had just gotten off of work about an hour ago and was tired, so hubster had suggested he bring the key to me. So, I went and got dressed in some jeans, and took off to go bail out my dear hubby. I didn't mind it really. It was nice having some quiet time in the car by myself.

It took a bit longer to get there than expected though. The way I drive, heh, if I hadn't needed to stop for gas, I could have got there in 15 minutes. Unfortunately I did have to stop for gas before leaving town, though. And the only station open along the strip had about 10 cars lined up outside.

When I finally arrived in Ruston, traffic was light--which is good. I made it across town, and pulled into the parking lot... Hubster came walking up looking all guilty, lol. Poor guy! I gave him a kiss, and his key. He said he was hungry, so we drove across the plaza to McDonalds and we ate supper there. Typical me, I ordered the California Cob salad. Ah, food of the Gods...but I digress... :P

It was going on 10 pm when we finally made it home. The supper I'd cooked earlier was cold, and no one touched it. Not even Big Z. Oh well. I guess it's leftovers tonight!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Just Thinking

Today was K's funeral. I heard about his death on Sunday from my mom. She found out about it at church, and relayed the news to the rest of the family. He wasn't really a friend or anything, but rather the son of a couple who I consider friendly "acquaintances". Not so much friends, but they are my parents only neighbors, so we always said our hi's and goodbye's in passing. Hubby and I have visited them a few times, but only when invited, and mostly out of respect for the people, rather than a genuine act of friendship. The S's are a bit odd, not easy to know or truly socialize with, and I prefer to keep my distance from that sort. Anyway, it was their son who died. He was a kind of a disturbing kid, always into trouble over something. He was 17, I think; and notably reckless. A few years ago he was expelled from school for writing up a Columbine style hit list. Then just a few months ago, he stole his sister's brand new Mustang, then took the keys to all his parents vehicles, and left in the middle of the night to pick up his friends. They went out of state partying, stranding his family at home so they couldn't come after him. Truthfully, those aren't even the frightening things he's done since living next to my parents. He used to just appear in my parents yard from time to time. Weird, Michael Meyers shit like that. Gave me the creeps.

I feel sorry for his family's loss, but I can't help feeling a bit relieved that he won't be so close to my parents any more. I used to genuinely worry he might show up in the yard when only my mom was home. She's small and a bit frail, and well, the boy wasn't exactly high on my "to be trusted" list. Combine that with the fact that my parents house is very secluded; it's pushed back in the woods, and I guess it's no wonder I've always been so nervy about it. If something happened to my mom, no one would know about it until my dad came home from work. And it wasn't exactly an impossibility. K had shot arrows at our dogs in the past--dogs couped up in a fence, so to me, there was no telling what he might have done. Whenever dad would have to go out of town to work, I'd always call over at mom's several times a day just to make sure she was safe. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, the story in the papers is that he went to his girlfriend's house and took her car--she wasn't with him, and he did not have a driver's license so the papers are calling it a car theft--then somewhere from point A to point B, he slammed the car into a tree. It was a mess. I understand the funeral was closed-casket.

Regardless of the past, I plan to light a candle for him in remembrance tonight, and murmur a prayer for him.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Mojo Madness

Today I was going through the closet and found an old Mojo shirt. 0_0 Those things were soooo popular in the late 80s, early 90s... I can't believe I forgot I had this one! It's long sleeved, black, with those weirded out graphics on the front and back. Surprisingly, it's in excellent shape. I'm pretty rough for wear when it comes to T shirts. Anyway, seeing this shirt made me remember my fave Mojo shirt from '89! It was white with an artsy looking filigree pattern on the front--the design was of a vine swing, with a fat humpty-dumpty type king sitting in it, and these skeletons dancing around. On the back, was a poem, with bones surrounding it... and OMG if I didn't actually remember the poem! *faints*

"Fiddle dee dee," said the fat old king/ "Why won't you let me off this swing?"/ Then came the answer/ from a skeleton dancer/ "Because your doom is a delicious thing!"

Oh, man... I miss that shirt. 0_0 I wonder what happened to it? I hope I still have it somewhere. I'll have to tear the house apart and find out if it's still around. I suddenly wants to weeeaaar it... :P

Thursday, September 16, 2004

You've Got Mail

Seems like I'm a popular girl today! I have had no less than 10 phone calls! Ali called me first thing this AM. She has finally learned how to use email--Yay! She was calling to make up for missing our chat session a few days ago. We had about 20 minutes on the phone before she had to leave for work.

But that wasn't all! Oh, no, indeed! I got a letter from... can you guess? I'll give a hint: it's an old friend from grade school. She's like a sister. Well...any more guesses? *builds suspence* It was from L**A! *faints* I have not heard from that girl in 2 years! Okay, so I get Christmas cards from her, but that doesn't exactly count. ;-) She and Mike just built a new house and moved in. She has graduated now, and has a degree in business. I'm soooo proud of her! I'm still not an auntie yet. But maybe soon. :-) The rest of her family has had some tough times though--divorce, etc. and I'm sad to hear it. But it was just so nice to hear from her!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


It's official. Hubby is getting the assistant manager's position at the new store. The store is set to open October 19th. I'm hoping this is good. In the meantime, I'm just happy that he's looking forward to being one step closer to where he wants to be.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The BS Politics of Retail

Hubby worked at the Ruston store yesterday. One of the managers had let the store go to seed, so the district manager had several people from other stores within the district basically go in to bail out this man's store. Hubby was one of these poor unfortunates. However, we thought it might be a good thing after all, because the district manager would be there and he'd have a chance to have a one on one talk with her. Earlier this year, Hubby was offered a manager's position, his choice of three stores. So, since he was going to help this guy reset his store, it was agreed that when he got there, he should talk to the DM, and tell her which one of the stores he had decided he wanted to manage.

So it happened. He told her, and yet her response yesterday was that she was wanting him to take an assistant manager's position instead--starting in October. Oh my God, but that pisses me off! I can only imagine how miffed hubby must be. Donna's reasoning was to give him more time to learn management! *flames* Dur hur! Hubby just had to bail out one of her learned managers! And the jackass is still 6 months behind in his paper work! If hubby had not gone in, that man would have been fired. And he is not qualified yet for the manager's position already offered to him? WTF?!

In other words, the DM gave the store hubby wanted to someone else... one of her little compatriots! --a friend of hers, who had been wanting the local store for a while, but who had been thus far, unable to cut anyone's throat in order to get it. How's that for politics?

All I can say is I wish quick karma on this lot. At the moment, I can't think of anyone else more deserving of it!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Digi Cam Doggies

Got the DigiCam back up and working. Woohoo! I was checking it out earlier and noticed I had some pictures on it from before it went all nutty on me. This cute one of Lil Bit and Daisy napping was on there. :-)

My sweetie girls!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Gab Fest

Got a surprise phone call from Ali today! Woohoo! She was calling to wish me a late happy birthday, and to tell me lil sis finally got her a beau. :) His name is Ben, and he's a bit older than Char, 31 to her 26, but apparently they are doing well together. He's the quiet type, as I understand it, but maybe that will balance out Char's boisterous side. I hope the best for her!Anyway, Ali and I talked for about an hour, mostly about how I'm liking being 29, and about a recent camping trip she and Jason took Sandra on. While camping, Jason ran his dirt bike into the side of a hill (???) and ended up with a "bent" rib. Yes, bent. It hurts just like a broken rib, only the doctor told him there was nothing they could do for it. Boy, that sucks!

As for my day, I finally found and ordered a copy of Stobie Piel's Lord of the Dark Sun. I can't wait til it arrives! Ah, alien barbarians... can it possibly get any better than that? ^_^

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Something To Ponder

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. --Buddha


Hmm. I like that.

Pass the Candy Corn

I am so ready for Halloween! I went into the store a few days ago, and they were putting out all these decorations and candy for the holidays. *drool* I couldn't resist scratching around to see what they're putting out this year. I'm already planning to send Batty some of the fruity tootsie roll chews. Those vanilla ones are so evil... They had a lot of little bat things too, so I'll probably pick up a few of those to ship off to Australia too. Hmm...

Yesterday I talked to a really nice lady named Barbara. She's a PNR writer too, and has come across some of the same obstacles as I have. Talking to her has been good for me; I needed a bit of a boost after the great Gerry W. critique incident. (What a harpie!) Anyway, Barbara had some great motivational speech on her site--stuff I could relate to from personal experience. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has come across the *achem* a..l-retentive editor. :P

Friday, September 03, 2004

My Second Childhood

I recently turned 29. Since this is officially the last year of my 20s, I think I've hit a sort of pre-midlife crisis that has led to radical hair dyeing, weightloss, and uncontrollable urges to buy outrageous clothes and to oversex my husband until he runs at the sight of me. That said, I still can't quite figure out why I've decided to admit to any of these bizarre incidents, but... oh, hell. Why not? I can't say for sure how long I will keep up this madness, anyway. Maybe I can look back on all this one day and laugh.