Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Boogey Man 7 and The Core Four

Y'all could've told me, but you didn't.

After sitting through the Boogey Man five movie marathon a couple of days ago, I switched up genres and watched John Wick 1 & 2. You'll have to go back a couple of posts to read about the dvd, etc. But anyway... Yeah, I sat through all those Boogey Man movies, then I get to John Wick movies and they call him Baba Yaga, aka the Boogey Man. *fainting couch* Seriously, no one warned me. Maybe it was in the stars. Basically, I watched seven (7!!!) Boogey Man films over the weekend. That has to be some kind of record. Pass me a Guinness.

I have to say, I totally wouldn't mind if John Wick was haunting my bedroom closet Boogey Man style. Awesome movies, and I love the character. Dark, brooding characters win me every time. Especially the ones with a must love dogs meets save the cat vibe. Any friend of animals is a friend of mine, know what I mean?

Moving right along... The Core Four.

If you've been wanting the base books from the Werekind series for your Kindle, I've finally uploaded them to Amazon. Crossing Borders is now live. The others are still in review on Amazon. The process always takes a while, but it's going as expected, so far. The other books: Bonding Experience, Dominant Territory, and Chasing Moonlight should be available shortly.

Of course, all the books are currently available at Smashwords, so that's there, too. I'll be releasing the other books in batches on Amazon as time allows. I'm waiting for the Core Four to pass review first, and writing a fresh set of stories in the meantime. Staying busy, pretty much.

That's all for now. It's hot as blazes in here. I'm about to go chill in front of the fan and find something fun to read. Until next time, xoxo.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Writing Late at Night

It's 1:43 am. Everyone in the house is asleep. I'm currently listening to Lake of Fire (Nirvana's version/with headphones) and drinking a cup of salted caramel tea. Just taking a quick break before diving back in to writing.

I'm having an all night writing binge to knock out a short story. It's almost there, and I'm sort of layering things in at this point. Looking for places where I can do little riffs to flesh it out a bit more. I like this part of the gig. It's pure creative work. Nothing too painful, writerly wise. The content is already there to sculpt with. I'm hitting it hard tonight, because I promised Hubz we would kick off a John Wick marathon in the morning, so I've got to have all my writing out of the way by then.

I'm 100% game for another movie marathon. I binge watched all five of the BoogeyMan movies the other night, and now I need something else to feed my brain. Boy, though, the 1980s version of BoogeyMan was terrible. For reals. A complete groaner. There's this one point in the film where this couple go through a house they're looking to buy. There are some people still living there, and they let the couple do a walk-through. Okay, so the woman splits off from the guy and the girl giving the tour and enters the bedroom where the BoogeyMan crimes took place in the past. She looks at the empty bed, then turns and looks at the mirror and sees a guy stretched out on the covers with some pantyhose pulled over his head. He looks ridiculous, not scary. He's supposed to look like a burglar or strangler or something, but...well, no. Anyway, the woman looks back and forth from the bed to the mirror, and each time the guy is getting up and moving closer...of course, only in the mirror. She freaks out, and instead of running back to the others, or just stepping out of the room and closing the door on Mr. Pantyhose Man, she picks up a chair and starts bashing the mirror. Can you imagine some weirdo doing a walkthrough of your property, and they suddenly flip out and start breaking shit? Like, what drugs are you on, lady?

As I said, that one was a real groaner. The first three movies were pretty good, though, even if the BoogeyMan 2 reminded me a lot of NoES3:Dream Warriors. It didn't have a ton of obvious parallels, but it's as if whoever put the story together modeled it heavily on Nightmare on Elm Street 3. They even have a Joey Lawrence looking character in BM2 that reminds me of Phillip Andersen, the vein puppet, from Dream Warriors. If you ever watch both movies back to back, lemme know what you think.

That's pretty much all I got for now. Oh, the great Walmart adventure of yesterday... Bless Hubz, he's the man. I walked him all over that store.  I was looking for a donut baking pan to make this recipe, but they didn't have what I was looking for, so I'll have to go to Amazon instead. But that's neither here nor there, the awesome thing was... Hubz found this gigantic wok on sale for $4.93 and we were sure this thing was mispriced, but we took it over to the Ginger Ninja's checkout line and had him run it through the scanner. Sho nuff it was only $4.93, so we bought this massive wok (I have no idea where I'm gonna store this thing), then we hopped in the Kia and headed over to Brookshires to find something to cook in the new doom pot. *evil handwringing*

We ended up with a gigantic wok full of garlic, beef, and Asian green beans stirfry, which was completely A M A Z I N G. It really was a ton of food, so I ended up putting the leftovers in a plastic bowl for the fridge. We are big eaters and don't usually have left overs 'round here, so yeah.

I'm sure that's enthralling news for you all, so I'll leave it at that. A good day, by the by. My tooth is still broken, and I have to find a dentist on Monday who will agree to see me, but I'm not in any pain. No pain, can maintain. That's the going vibe. Now...back to this short story. I want to work on it a little more before I get too sleepy to wrangle with words. That's all for now. Happy weekend, everyone. xoxo

Friday, August 16, 2019

Back to School 2019

As much as we didn't want the summer break to end over here in Nowhereland, school is back in session. It's a milestone occasion, since it was the first day of high school for Mini Beast. I shed a tear as he left the house this morning. I couldn't help it. My wee beast is growing up.

While he was at school, Hubz (who is off this weekend) and I made a dash to the store for basics. We were out of all the paper things: paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, etc. Boring, yes. But do you know what I found while we were shopping for basics? I found a five disc set of the BoogeyMan movies for eight bucks, that's what. So now you know my big plans for the weekend. It involves pobcorms -popcorn-and a five-movie BoogeyMan binge. I'm not even sorry.

I'm also going to make a big batch of green tea waffles this weekend for Sunday breakfast, because Hubz bought a waffle maker from a local church sale last week and it's too awesome for words. Of course, Mini Beast and me, we made a huge mess the first time we used the waffle maker, because hey, it didn't come with an instruction manual. Too much batter the first go round. It oozed out of the sides onto the bar. The waffle we made were delicious though.

This time, I want my plate of waffles to have a big dollop of whip cream and chopped pecans on top. Yum.

Hmm... Now that I'm typing about it, a plate of waffles will probably be even more yum if I can get in to see the dentist first. I almost forgot, but yeah, I have a broken back tooth. It's not hurting, so it's easy to forget about it until I sit down to eat. I'm praying the filling doesn't fall out. I broke the tooth not too long ago, and I've been gentle with it since then, protecting it until I can find a dentist in the area accepting new patients. Then last night, I was brushing my teeth and the back cusp came off. I don't know if I swallowed it or spit it down the sink. Either way, it's gone. Sigh.

The tooth has been painless overall, except for that first day I cracked it. I think I actually broke it on a popcorn kernel, so that's something to keep in mind while movie binging this weekend. Might have to skip the popcorn.

I've got to get this thing fixed before I run into real problems. As it stands, I'm probably facing a root canal and a crown, which is a big pocketbook ouch. Nevermind the initial exam and x-rays. I haven't told hubby that part yet, because dang... we are still recovering from the new washing machine, the new lawnmower, etc. All the things we had to take care of during the Mercury retrograde.

Eh, anyway, it's just a tooth. All will be well again soon. Keep swimming and all that. In the meantime, I have five new movies and three new books I've picked up to keep myself entertained over the next few days. That's more than enough. I'm also working on a new short story. The draft is already well underway, so more accurately, I'm working on wrapping up a new short story. I aim to finish it this weekend since I'm already not far from the mark. Good times abound.

That's all for now. I hope you're all keeping cool and having a lovely weekend. Until next time, happy wishes. xoxo

Monday, August 12, 2019

Bonding Experience - Now on Smashwords (Reissue)

Finally, it's back in print! 

Bonding Experience is now available on Smashwords. This is a reissue of the original novella first published in 2006. It has been updated and is available for immediate download here:


When her pack leader issues a mating pact between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn’t know Luke very well, but she can’t imagine two less compatible people being thrown together. 

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isn’t about to let her undo what he’s worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact with him, even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of winning her approval.

Warning: Read while wearing oven mitts, because this sexy story is 5 alarm hot. Contains mature content and graphic sexual descriptions. For readers 18+ only.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chocolate Chia Pudding...and release the rest

Personal epiphany: Handle the parts you can control and release the rest. 
It's midnight, and I'm in moonchild mode. It has been too hot to do much online during the day since the AC is out in my room/writing area. School is starting next Friday, so I have to wait at least that long before I can get another window unit. I'm melting, y'all. Even for Louisiana, it's hot af this summer.

I've moved on to revising the last chapter of Bonding Experience. Since it was too hot to work at my desk, I put the chapter on my iPhone and did cleanup + double-checking with a stylus. I have about ten pages left, and I'm going to work on those tonight while it's cool enough to bake myself in front of the iMac. I never realized before this how much heat the all-in-one systems put off.

Thursday afternoon, I made a chocolate chia pudding and left it in the fridge overnight...as you do. I kind of wish I'd turned it into pudding pops or something. Frozen treats. It was cold when I took it out of the fridge, but not as cold as I wished it was. It was still good, though. I made it using a Nesquik packet and some French Vanilla Torani's. Basically, I wanted pudding and did a pantry grab using ingredients I already had on hand.

I found a chia seed ratio recipe online (sorry, I can't remember where!) and altered it to my taste. The original recipe called for a ratio of 2 TBS of chia seeds per 1/2 cup of milk. That is the base. That turned out a little crunchier than I would've liked, so I added a splash more milk. Now for my spin on homemade chia pudding...

Cora's Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

  • 1 1/4 c. milk - use only 1 cup if you like your chia seeds more on the crunchy side
  • 4 T. black chia seeds
  • 1 packet Chocolate Nesquik, or whatever number of powdered scoops you'd need to match a 1 cup milk ratio.  I like the individual Nesquik packets that come with 6 in a box because they're premeasured and cost a buck at Dollar Tree. Really cheap.
  • 2 T. French Vanilla Torani Syrup (add to taste) 

I mixed 1 cup of cold milk and 4 TBS of chia seeds in a Gladware container, then added in a single serving packet of chocolate Nesquik powder. (You could switch it out and use the sugar-free kind, or even Strawberry favored if you wanted. I'm going to try that next.) Mix well. Add in the Torani syrup and mix until well blended.

If you wanted to add in any toppings - shaved chocolate, coconut flakes, almonds, mini choco chips, etc.- this would be the stage to do so. I didn't have anything to top mine with so I left it plain. You'll want to cover the mixture and let it chill overnight so the seeds expand.

It was good and cold out of the fridge, and only need a quick stir in the container before eating. It made for 2 servings, and it was quite filling. ⬼

Alrighty, that's my news for now. I'm about to get going with these revisions. Hopefully, I'll get this last bit knocked out tonight and be in bed before 4 am. We'll see. xoxo

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My Mind Won't Let Me Sleep

My impression of insomnia. Bright city lights gleaming in the brain,
stop-start thoughts flowing in congested knots like Saturday night traffic,
neon lights blinking, flashing, burning, while people shout at
pedestrians from their cars and zip around tight corners with horns blaring. 

It's 4:08 am. I've been up all night revising. One more chapter to go, then Bonding Experience will be ready for re-release.

Earlier, closer to around 2 in the morning, I was taking a break between chapters and did a search for Tanith Lee to see if she had any new books out. While she does have a new edition of Electric Forest out as of May 2019, I found out Ms. Lee passed away in 2015. I broke down when I read the news.

In shock, I found myself trying to remember if anyone had told me back then, thinking maybe I had known about it but forgot, as it is possible to do when celebrities and authors pass away, but I can't remember having heard anything about her passing. I remember hearing Kit Reed had passed. Ursula K. LeGuin, too. But no, I don't remember hearing any news that Tanith Lee had passed away. I'm stunned and heartsick. Just, wow. It's hard to believe such a remarkable writing talent is gone.

I have a collection of her books here at home, Red as Blood, Heart-Beast, and a couple of others, along with several anthologies she is in. On Facebook the other day, I saw a question someone had posted in the Writers Helping Writers Community, and I instantly thought of her. The question was: Who was the author that first inspired you to write?

Well, I have always wanted to write, starting in the fourth grade when I was writing plays for my Barbies to act out. But when I got older and writing became something I wanted to seriously pursue, it was Tanith Lee's novels that made me want to buy a typewriter.

That said, hats off to you, my lady. You were - and still are - an inspiration.

I guess I should go to bed now and try to sleep - if I can get my mind to shut down. My insomnia has been off the chain lately. Most "nights" I can't seem to wind down enough to really rest until after 3 am. Then I'm up again within a couple of hours, feeding the cats and the dogs, checking in on Snick, and getting ready to start writing and revising again. It's starting to wear on me.

But anyway, only one chapter left to rewrite, then I can do a final pass and kick this book out the door. Pull up the fainting couch, y'all. I am so ready to be done with this one.

That's all for now. Until next time, happy wishes. xoxo

Monday, August 05, 2019

8/8 Lion's Gate - Accelerated Transformation

My 88 Lion's Gate Digital Collage.

Since July I've been seeing the numbers 88, 888, 828 and 28 everywhere. August 28th is my birthday, so I always notice a 28 and 828 crop up. However, there hasn't been a single day since July where a combo of 88 or 28 hasn't cropped up for me.

I'm seeing those numbers multiple times per day. It's showing up in license plates of the cars in front of me while I'm at stoplights, I'm seeing it online everywhere - number of likes, number of posts, blah blah. I'm seeing it in my checkbook, on store receipts. I mean, the universe isn't just trying to tell me something, it's beating me over the head with it.

For example, yesterday, the AC went out in the master bedroom. When it did, the numbers 8:8 appeared on the digital display. Then later that evening, I downloaded an ebook from Amazon, and voila, it was 88 pages long, and my phone battery was at 88%.

While browsing YouTube, I found out that the astrological Lion's Gateway, where Sirius lines up with Earth while the sun is in Leo, takes place on August 8th. You can read more about it here: https://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/the-888-lions-gate-activation/

What it boils down to is a period of accelerated transformation. I usually love astrological periods like this, because I'm particularly sensitive to them for some reason, but this one, coming off the tail of a rather brutal Mercury Retrograde has been like running a marathon non-stop for over a month. It's been exhausting.

If you have a lot of changes going on in your life right now, if you're finding that a lot of things are breaking down - fridge, lawnmower, AC, your relationships, plans, projects, intentions, etc, and you're having to scrap and/or replace those things, it's part of this change. It's the universe's way of getting us off the couch and accelerating transformation in our lives.

August 8th is the peak of this cycle, and I feel like it's going to be a sudden flurry of activity and change from the 8th forward. Think of the build-up to this 8/8 alignment as if during that time, you peddled a bike up a very tall, steep hill. Once you reach the top of the hill, the peak, which occurs August 8th, you station there for a moment to enjoy the view, to look back and see what all has changed for you. Then, you get back on your bike, and it's a fun, fast, feet off the pedals, slightly scary ride down the other side of the hill. By the time you're back on level ground again, you're wrung-out, accomplished, exhilarated and transformed by the experience.

Anyway, that's just my take on it. Your mileage may vary. Late last year, I started an intense Clear the Deck bonanza to clear out clutter and blockages and creative hangups that have been holding me back. In June, that suddenly picked up for me. I began my backlist blitz, which entails revising, adding new covers, and republishing my backlist. I also put ten new journals online, updated my websites, my Amazon page, the whole 9 and a half yards. It's been exhausting, but worth it. It's clear, sadly, that not everyone I began my adventures with will continue on with me, but I realize this is all part of the process, which led me to a major epiphany last night - you have to handle what you can control and release the rest.