Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dominant Territory - Reissue - Now on Smashwords

Dominant Territory is now available on Smashwords. 

The moment Libby steps into the Moonlight Run with her girlfriends, she realizes this is no place for a ladies’ night out. The backwoods bar is isolated for a reason—they cater to werewolves on the eve of the change. 

Drake never considered taking a human mate...until tonight. One look at Libby and his heart is lost. She entered his territory, and now he'll stop at nothing to claim her as his mate.

Format: epub
Genre: paranormal romance, erotic romance, erotica
Contains explicit sexual content and language, for readers 18+ 
*This is a revamped and reissued version of the 2007 Werekind series release.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Clear the Deck - A 2018 Celebration of Creativity

Back in December, I decided that for the new year, I would focus on creativity. That started
simply enough, by working on breaking the creative blocks I have. I've stuck with that
resolution, writing at least three pages every day. I began working on my creative blocks with
books like Write to Heal (Tom Bird) and The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron), and I'm still using those methods to let the words just pour out, whether good or bad. The point is to jot the words down as they come to me, then let it go. Write and release. Toss them down like origami birds, as Anne LaMott described in her book Bird by Bird.

Part of the process of breaking blocks has required me to clean out things I've been holding on
to. Physical things. Sentimental stuff. Junk and what not. I began clearing out the house,
throwing out old clothes, making donations of my past conference shoes and outfits that I
wore, like, all of one time. Old kitchen gadgets we never used had to go, too. Then I did that
with old paperbacks. Finally, I got to my desk and my old manuscripts, and that's when the
REAL clearing began.

By mid-January, when my writing blocks had begun to crack, I could see what a big difference
the physical clearing out really makes. So, I decided 2018 is going to be my year to not only
embrace my own weird brand of creativity; I'm also going to Clear the Deck of everything - specifically, old projects I've been hanging on to for one reason or another.

I look at it not only as an exercise in creativity (and a celebration of freedom in letting go), but as a creative purging process as well.

All of the backlist, all of the unfinished stories. It's time to sort through it all, see what needs
finishing or revising, see what needs trashing, and get the good ones published. No more
holding on to them for emotional reasons. No more worrying about whether they will be received
well or not. I can't control what people think of me or my work, anyway. So, in a nutshell, my 2018 Celebration of Creativity boils down to this: Everything old has to go in one way or another.

I'm clearing the deck so that, by the end of the year, I can sit down at my computer with a
fresh, empty slate. With no backlist to obsess over and no unfinished projects haunting me. I will
finally be able to start afresh and write about whatever it is I want to write about with none of
that old "don't forget you need to do that" baggage to distract me from the present.

I don't want anything tying me down.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Hubs is awesome. What a sweet guy. He brought me a box of chocolates, a fluffy pillow with hearts all over it, and a gi-normous triceratops stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. The triceratops has been officially named Dragon, and he makes an excellent pillow. He has that soft "blumaroo fur" as we call it. Part of our house slang, if you will. It's the type of plush fur I imagine a Neopet's blumaroo has. The really soft and silky kind. 

Now to go break into that box of chocolate!

Here's wishing you a sweet, sexy, romantic Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chasing Moonlight reissue - In ePub on Smashwords

The reissue for Chasing Moonlight is now available on Smashwords in ePub format. More format are forthcoming ASAP!

About the book:
Blaze Logan can't figure out why Shelby keeps avoiding him, especially since he's sure the shy beauty is his mate. When she breaks one date too many, he goes to her cabin to call her out, only to find her in the throes of a painful transformation.

Shelby's secret is out. Unable to control her inner wolf, she is at the mercy of the moon. Determined to help her gain control no matter what it takes, Blaze is going to have to act fast in order to help her. She’s chasing moonlight, and the full moon is only days away.

Genre: erotic paranormal romance 
Contains graphic sexual content 
NSFW, Suitable for readers 18+

Chasing Moonlight is part of the Werekind Series, and the original story has been expanded in this edition. It was originally published in 2009. Or 2010? I can't quite remember. Anyway, Blaze's big brother, Drake, is also featured in my 2007 CP bestseller, Dominant Territory.

The ePub format reissue for Dominant Territory will be available later this week on Smashwords. I'll link to it here on the blog once it has been uploaded.

The reissue edition of Crossing Borders is on the table right now. The book is curently undergoing a revamp and expansion. I'll post more about that book when it's closer to release.

New stories featuring Seth and Austin and members of the Ravine pack are also coming this year as part of my 2018 Clear the Deck creativity celebration.

Speaking of Clear the Deck, that is my personal mantra for 2018. Getting caught up on my backlist and pushing forward several new releases is my goal. I'll be posting more about my writerly creativity celebration later on in the week. That post will discuss some of the insights I've stumbled upon since August 2017. It's a fitting time to do so since the eclipse on February 15th (Thursday) is supposed to be a manifestation of energies that took off during the eclipse in August. Fun stuff, right?

That's all for now. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday. Best wishes, and thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

All The Crazy Endless Things

I'm almost finished with revising the epilogue for Chasing Moonlight. I should have it up on
Smashwords in a couple of days. After that, onward to new things. I've already begun working
on the next book in the series--Seth's story. It's very important to me to get in these last two
key books.

There is so much going on with me right now, but I really don't know what to talk about. I guess
I'll just ramble through this post and see where it goes. How about that?

I'm still participating in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I enjoy doing the morning pages. I'm
on chapter 10 of the book, and I have done morning pages every single day. I do find that
completing the morning pages gets me in the mood to write, and brain dumping my problems
onto  the page lets me get over them quickly, if not let them go entirely, so I can move on to
what's really important.

I say 'important' because I find that a lot of the things that I write about in the morning pages
are small annoyances, not really big problems, and once I've had a chance to vent about them
they lose their steam.

I'm always much happier and calmer after I've had a chance to brain dump my morning pages. I
do three pages in colorful scented markers in a hardback journal every day without fail.
Sometimes it takes me longer than just the morning to get them finished, but I always finish
them. Doing the pages throughout the day gives me a chance to relax my brain, especially when
I'm getting stressed. (Yes, I'm a rule breaker. Whatcha gonna do, right?)

There are only two more chapters to complete, tasks and check ins included. I have been doing
those as well, but I can see myself continuing to do morning pages even after I finish the
book/program. Granted, I know some people redo the book if they get stuck again, and I may
do that if I ever need to. For now, I'm in a good place writerly speaking, and yes, I'm finally
unstuck. So, if you've ever wondered if The Artist's Way can help you out of a big nasty writer's
block, I can honestly say it has worked for me. Since starting the program, I've outlined two
novellas, begun character sketches on a novel, and I'm finally to the end of revisions on Chasing

As for the Artist Dates... The other 'must do' half of the program. Let's just say I carve out
personal time for myself more than I used to. However, I don't leave the house very much
without Hubs at the moment. My car is in rough shape, and driving completely stresses me out.
It's not worth the panic attack to go alone. I'm already on medication for anxiety as it is. So, my
artist dates have also broken the rules. Well, bent the rules, rather.

I have made more artist date outings lately with Hubs than I ever would have done just going
by myself. And Hubs is very good about asking me what I want to do, and where I want to go.
We synthesize and hybridize our to-do plans from there.

Even if it's not the same as what is prescribed in the book, I feel like this is made us closer as a
couple, and it has recharged my creative vibe. So, for me, that's a win-win. That said, yes, yes, I
know I'm supposed to be doing the artist dates alone. Don't mind me, though. I rarely do that
unless you count taking time out from writing to latch hook, or crochet, or to go visit my
parents. That sort of thing. Make of that what you will. It works for me.

Speaking of my parents, my dad recently developed a large knot on the side of his face the size
of a lemon. As you can imagine we are very worried. He is in terrible pain and is struggling to
eat. He has gone to the doctor several times already about it for antibiotics, and according to
the doctor, it is a swollen partoid gland. Dad's lymph nodes in his neck on both sides are also
swollen. That is worrisome.

The swollen lymph nodes has caused a bit of panic, because he's already had cancer. When the
doctor mentioned the swollen lymph nodes, Dad asked him, "Are you saying that the swelling is
cancer?" And the doctor said, "I'm not saying that, BUT..." Hands out at his sides.

We know the drill. We know cancer is a possibility.

On Friday, dad had a CT scan and it showed that the gland is filled with liquid. It's probable, but
not certain, that it is simply an infection and that is what we're hoping for. But for now we're
waiting for yet another appointment. This one is for a needle biopsy. They're going to draw
some of the fluid off the gland and test it. Send up prayers for my dad, if you will. We are all
holding our breath waiting to find out what it could be.

To add to this stress, the hospital is milking my parents' insurance for everything it's worth. My
parents are on a fixed income, and they have to pay a cash co-pay every time they go in. So to
keep them afloat, and able to keep paying the gas money and co-pays to get to the doctor,
hubby and I are trying to help them out financially. The co-pay just for the CT scan was $190.
I kind of panicked when I found that out.

We just did our taxes, and immediately we were wondering if we could use our return to help
pay for the doctor visits. We pulled together some cash to help out, then last Wednesday, when
mom went to church that night, the pastor surprised her with an envelope put together by the
congregation. They had taken a secret collection to help pay for the scan. Talk about blessed.
When mom told me the good news, I got off the phone and cried. Because we have been
wondering where the money was going to come from.

So, as it stands, everything is kind of chaotic right now. We are simply taking things one day at a
time. We're going from doctor visit to doctor visit, for not only Dad's health issues, but for mine
and Hubby's as well. It's bonkers (and expensive!!!), I tell you. Still, I'm getting words down when I can, and I think that may be all that's keeping me from the loony bin at this point.

Before I go, I gotta say, I sincerely appreciate everyone who has bought my books on iBooks and on Smashwords recently, because that really helps. Even a few dollars a month helps to pay for the little things. A big, sincere, thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who have continued to support my work.

That's all for now, y'all. Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, happy wishes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

To Epilogue or Not to Epilogue...That is the Question

I'm currently revising the last chapter in this book I had previously published with an epublisher, and it's been such an uphill battle breaking the book apart and inserting a few extra scenes, that I'm hesitant to mess with it much beyond what is already there and polished.

But...I kind of feel like it needs an epilogue. What's one more scene, right? Right? *crickets* I'm so ready to be finished with this revamp that even a 500-1000 word epilogue feels like a major ordeal. Then again, I'd hate to skip the epilogue and then spend the next eight months obsessing over it...because that's the sort of thing I would do...and then end up going back to the story and adding it in later. This insanity is how my creative brain works.

Tangent ahead... For the New Year, I didn't make a resolution, per say, I merely said to myself I wanted to be more fearlessly creative in 2018. Take more risks. Wrap up old projects or ax them entirely if they aren't working out. What else? Oh, yeah. I want to focus on streamlining my writing process - writing productivity. That sort of thing.

So, with that in mind, this morning I bought book by Anne H. Janzer called The Writer's Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear. I'm hoping that will help me get in the flow. We will see.

Anyway, that's all I have to report for now. I guess through writing this post I've pretty much decided I should write that epilogue. That being the case, I better get on with it. Write it rather than regret it, eh? Okay, then.

Until next time... happy wishes! 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Heart, Heart / Kiss, Kiss

What have I gotten myself into now?  I'm on Week 5 of The Artist's Way. Oh, did I not mention that I was doing the program? It appears this is my first post of the New Year, so I guess I haven't. By the way, Happy New Year! It's the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Woof.

So, okay, I'm going through The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron), and I just made it throught that whole week of reading deprivation - at least I think I did the whole week since I haven't been hardcore keeping track. I can't be bothered with that sort of thing, dontcha know. But it's been about a week, roughly five days, and what did I gain from that...dreams. Insanely vivid dreams at night. I guess my brain 'detoxing' lol from all the binge reading I do. At one point, I literally shouted in my sleep, and woke myself up saying, "I can't stand it anymore!" I have no idea what I was actually talking about. In the dream I was trying desperately to find my shoes because I was about to miss the bus. Make of that what you will.

I've moved along to Week 5, and omg, the motivation just to read Week 5 has been...non-existent. I'm one of those readers it's really hard to pick up a book again once I've stalled. If you can call a week of forced reading deprivation a stall. But I then forced (agony!) myself to read through Week 5's essays to the task portion. At this point, I couldn't tell you what the heck I read. It didn't stick. I'm going to have to reread it and hope for the best.

Right before the Week 4 deprivation, I finished reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson. Totally worth reading. I want Hubby to read it, if I can ever manage get him to settle in with it. Personally, I waver back and forth between giving too many fucks and having none. Absolutely zero. Now, after I read that Mark Manson book, for whatever reason, when I start to get miffed about something, I think of the number of fucks I have to give almost like they're those get out of jail free cards in Monopoly. The inner brain dialogue goes something like this: I only have two more fucks to give, and so if I use one card now, and something major happens later on this week, I won't have it when I need it! (panic) I think I should hold on to this one for now. 


That has nothing to do with the book, but who cares?  It works. I should print up a number of "fucks to give cards" and keep them with me throughout the day to use them like psychological currency.

Alrighty then. Back to obsessing over scented markers (yes, really) and this vintage merry mushroom kit I've been working on. It's the little things, I guess. Stay warm out there. Tomorrow marks snow day part two for us. No school, again. Poor Mini is bored to bits despite the room full of toys, TV, tablet, computer, and all the pets. But there's nothing to do. Bless his lil heart.

Until next time, ya'll. Happy wishes.